Enjoying Time With God

Getting Into the Word Feb 12, 2014 Psa 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path 2 Tim 3:16-17, Matt 4:4, Psa 119: 10-11 I encourage you to study God’s word to get to know Him better not just to get a word from Him. Ask God to reveal himself to you as you study. For effective studying, get a study bible in a translation that you understand; The Amplified bible is a good one I personally use. When I started to take by quiet time seriously, I struggled to find a place in the bible to start. I found that in the book of John, Jesus revealed himself in a new way in each chapter. I recommend starting with the new testaments. If you are struggling with a situation or you need insight on a matter. Find scriptures online that relate to the issue. For example, believing God or receiving healing. You can search; scriptures for healing and then look up the verses in the bible. As you study the word, I recommend that you highlight and note scriptures that speak to you, think on and pray on them. God will give you insight on how you can apply them to your life. Including a devotional in your study time such as; the open heavens or trusting God day by day by Joyce Meyer to mention a few, can also help to enrich your study time. As you get to know God through His word, He will reveal himself to you in a new way and your life will be changed positively as a result of your relationship with Him.


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