Our Source

God has put in us a desire for love and purpose so that we can find it in Him. We may know that God loves us and He has a plan for us but do we acknowledge this fact in every aspect of our lives?

We often find something that we think might fulfil our desire for love and purpose and sure we try to keep it long enough. But there is that fear sometimes of losing it, after all, things change right? Even people change and can disappoint us sometimes without meaning to. Ultimately, it’s not satisfying, and then we get something else and the cycle begins again.

When we look to earthly things for purpose and ultimate fulfilment, we take our eyes off God and continue a futile pursuit. Most of us already know that we cannot find lasting peace, joy, love and strength in this world but what do we mean when we invest all our time and resources going after ephemeral things.

God is saying what about me? I am your source of love and purpose. You can find lasting peace, joy, love, beauty and strength in me. With me, there’s no fear of loss or change. I have put much gifts and resources in you and I want to bring them out for my glory. I have created other good things for you to enjoy but they cannot be your source.

Knowing who you are in Christ and understanding your father’s love is only what can bring true purpose and emotional stability to our lives. Love and purpose which bring true fulfillment are eternal and we cannot find them in ephemeral things.


Thank you Father for saving me and making me your child.

Help me to know you more everyday and to understand that you are everything I truly need.

Help me to see the things you have put in me and use them for you glory.

Bible Reading:

Look up Ephesians 1 :17-23 and pray the prayer.



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