God’s Rest Is Available

Exotic 33:14

My presence will go with you and I will give you rest.

God desires that we stay in His rest and enjoy the peace He has given us. God wants us to rest physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

God’s rest is a place of assurance in God that He is with us and He is working out everything for our good. It is when we refrain from struggling to have things work out according to our plans and trust in God’s leading.

We can only enter into God’s rest by putting our faith in the word’s He’s spoken to us, and in His person that cannot fail.

Life is full of ups, downs and unexpected turns that if we do not learn to stay in God’s rest, we’ll not enjoy our lives and we’ll wear out too quickly. In Exodus 33, Moses sought God for His help after God gave Him an important and challenging task to free His people.
God assured Moses that He would be with him and give him rest. Moses’ faith in God ‘s words propelled him and opened the door for God to act on his behalf.

Today, God speaks the same words to us. Where do you choose to put your faith?


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