Keep Your Joy

Nehemiah 8:10

Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of The Lord is your strength.

There are sure benefits of keeping a joyful heart, the bible says to guard our heart because out of it flows all issues of life.

Being joyful gives us energy. Joy infuses strength into us even in situations that we would be naturally exhausted. It helps us do things with enthusiasm. I usually work long hours and when am leaving work, I cannot wait to get to bed to sleep. But when I get home, I usually feel joyful just being home and being able to rest. I get a surge of energy that I do not feel sleepy anymore. I chat on the phone, go on Facebook, eat, and maybe watch a movie lol. Having joy gives you energy to do things you ordinarily would not be able to do.

Having joy helps us keep a positive attitude that makes our presence enjoyable. When we keep our joy, we tend to smile more, use a more friendly tone, and say nicer things. We do not get easily irritable or frustrated and this helps people enjoy our company even more and they will be more receptive of whatever we have to give.

Joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit. We have joy in us given by the Holy Spirit and we can activate joy in our lives by believing we have it and consciously expressing it like everything God has given us. The challenge is not getting joy but keeping it.

If the devil cannot get you to deny Christ or perpetually disobey God, He’ll try to make you as ineffective and uninspiring a christian as can be. As in you have all these good things in you but no one is benefiting from it including you. One of these ways is by stealing your JOY. A joyless christian is a weak and unattractive one. Very consistently, the devil tries to infuse our minds with negative and frustrating thoughts that try to keep us moody and sullen.
E.g. Things happening in our lives that we cannot control
Things other people do that we cannot change
Bad things happening
Things we have to do
Things that offend us

When we dwell on negative and frustrating thoughts, our emotions, words and actions tend to become negative, and that way we trade our joy for sadness. It also blinds us from seeing areas where we could be a blessing because we would become more self focused. In every situation, it’s important to do what we need to do but also learn to turn what we cannot do over to God to take care of. Remaining angry and frustrated will steal our energy and make us miserable.

Instead, we can learn to dwell on thoughts like;

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory (which is boundless)
I will not take offence
I have joy

Dwell on God’s promises and the victories He’s brought you through in the past. When you dwell on positives, there’s not much room for negativity and worry 🙂

Ask for discernment to differentiate between thoughts to dwell on and not to dwell on

Learn to enjoy little things, do not take them for granted.

It takes practice to train our minds to dwell on the right things. With God’s help, we can do it. Ask God to give you a child’s heart, children tend to find joy in whatever they do.

Life is short, so let’s enjoy every moment to the fullest. There’s lots of joy to experience and share.


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