You’re A Blessing

Gal 6:10
So then, as occasion and opportunity open up to us, let us do good to all people.

Be a blessing to someone today. We can be a blessing to everyone around us through many ways with which we have been blessed such as our attitudes, experiences, money, talents, resources, time and gifts.

Sometimes when we think about being a blessing, we overanalyze and think we always have to do something big, but thats not true.

The bible lists many simple ways we can be a blessing.
– praying for each other
– smiling; its very encouraging to a lot of people
– buying a meal for a friend
– forgiving someone
– sending an encouraging message
– sharing what you learnt from a past experience you had that someone is going through – can someone avoid a mistake

Remember, one way to change the world is to be the change you want to see around you 🙂


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